Terasology client identity storage service

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This server is running a client identity storage service for Terasology.

On this page, you can register an account which allows you to sync your identity on every game server you play on across your game clients. Once you registered an account, you can enter your credentials in the game to upload your client identity certificates and keep them syncronized with this service; if you later want to play on another computer (or accidentally delete the client's data folder), you can enter the same credentials again and the client will download your identity certificates, so the game servers you join will in turn recognize you.

Notice:Email is not mandatory, but if you don't set it you won't be able to recover the password if you forget it!

Source code - made possible by: PostgreSQL, Node.js, Docker, jquery-serialize-object, pgsql-http, pgsmtp, All the modules listed in packages.json